primaire bilingue

Welcome to primary school!

First Primary class (6-9 Years old)

Your child is welcomed in this class of adventurers of 20 children aged 5 to 8 years.

Together we will live great adventures to acquire all the fundamentals in a lively and concrete way. Through challenges and experiments, the students of the cycle 2 class will anchor their knowledge of how the world works in a sustainable way, through interdisciplinary projects, solo or in groups.

French-English bilingualism:
Two passionate, qualified and experienced teachers take care of your children: a French-speaking teacher and an English-speaking teacher. For a successful English-speaking immersion, each person speaks in their mother tongue naturally.

They accompany your child above all with a benevolent gaze, a reassuring attitude, comforting words and the values ​​they transmit!

Francophone and Anglophone children grow up together, and happily train towards bilingualism.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The rich emulation of multi-level:

The humanities have shown for almost 40 years that heterogeneity between students is a real asset in small numbers as in our school. It offers all students a very rewarding emulation and allows them to grow at their own pace - and not at the pace of the school program imposed on them.

In our school, the children do not wait around in circles for the change of level in September, but they have access to knowledge as soon as they are ready or asking, and everything is there to meet their curiosity and their openness to the world.


A day with our First primary class (6-9 years old)


primaire bilingue

Second primary Class (8-12 years old)

We welcome between 15 and 20 students aged 8 to 12.

For the start of the 2020 school year, all children entering CM2 or 6th can join our cycle 3 class, and thus continue their education in cycle 4 of the International College of Arcachon Basin next year.

Together, we will carry out major interdisciplinary projects to put into shape or practice all our knowledge of the skills base. The many questions about how the world works and the students' philosophical questions are a source of inspiration to approach or deepen a notion.

Reception of 6th grade students

The 6th grade is in fact included in cycle 3 of national education that we follow. Students thus have one year to enter bilingualism, adopt interdisciplinary and project-based working methods, before they can calmly start their return to year 5 of cycle 4 of the college next September.

For 8/12 year olds, there is more time for philosophical reflection and peace education is deepened. Pupils who wish to do so can become mediators during the recess of the younger ones, helping them (always supervised by an adult) to settle their conflict in a peaceful manner.

French-English bilingualism

At the end of primary school, the students of the International School of the Arcachon Basin have a good understanding of English and they know how to express themselves with ease, according to level B1 of the European frame of reference. They not only acquired the concepts of the base of skills beyond the requirements of national education, but they know how to use their knowledge in their daily life. This success gives our pre-adolescents a great feeling of control and satisfaction, which allows them to consider college with great serenity and motivation.

Our International College, in the continuity of the school, is another great adventure to prepare quietly for the bilingual Bac. It will open its doors for the start of the 2022 school year and will welcome children who already have a very good level of English.

This is why we encourage parents who want their child to integrate our international and bilingual course, to join us as soon as possible for registration as early as possible in our establishment.




A day with our second Primary Class: