A smooth adaptation:


Before the age of 6, children are still learning things and are gradually entering into learning.

Our specific support makes it possible to meet their great need for freedom, free play and movement, to gradually and quietly integrate the rules of group life.

Everything has been designed to respect the rhythm of the child: In this class, diapers are welcome and toilet training is done only when the child is ready. Children are very often outside in their privileged garden and enjoy nature as much as possible.

French-English bilingualism:
Two passionate, qualified and experienced professionals take care of your children: a French-speaking teacher and an English-speaking teacher. For a successful English-speaking immersion, each person speaks in their mother tongue naturally.

They accompany your child above all with a benevolent gaze, a reassuring attitude, comforting words and the values ​​they transmit!

Children grow together French and English, and happily lead to bilingualism.

The rich emulation of multi-level:

Children learn by imitation and being around older people is reassuring because they can more easily adopt the codes of social life and feel at ease in a mixed age group. The humanities have shown for almost 40 years that heterogeneity between students is a real asset in small numbers as in our school. It offers all students a very rewarding emulation and allows them to grow at their own pace - and not at the pace of the school program imposed on them.

In our school, the children do not wait around in circles for the change of level in September, but they have access to knowledge as soon as they are ready or asking, and everything is there to meet their curiosity and their openness to the world.

Together we are going to experience great discoveries!


Together we are going to experience great discoveries and tackle all the fundamentals in a fun way! Through experiments and manipulations, they will begin their learning of how the world works by answering all their questions: Why is it flowing? How does it float? How many pine cones to make mom's age? Who is younger and older than me? How do I write my first name? And that of my friends? How do we make a fire? ...


The main themes of the real world are always a source of inspiration to approach a notion:

Space, volcanoes, children of the world, family, animals of the world, the evolution of human beings and living beings, the Earth, the weather, the countries and cultures of the world, culinary specialties ……. ..


A day with our kindergarten children - 3/6 years old