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Welcome to our cocooning and stimulating classrooms !


Classrooms are cheerful, colorful, with different  hands on and fun game spaces.

They are fully equipped with a variety of materials and interactive teaching activities

(Montessori, Singapour, STEM & Waseca).


Assuring that children receive kind attention from two professionals;

one native teacher and one specialized in childhood care and all this in a perfect  


The first year of Kindergarten is a social and welcoming place of integration,

where they feel secure. Routines help children to feel at home.

These first years are crucial and our privileged environment enables the children to build

an education for the future. After 3 or 4 years in our scholl, bilingual apprenticeships

and an opening to the world will enable your children to integrate easily all other

systems easily.

Thanks to hands on activities, teachers cover all the National Educational  Program and even more.

The timetable covers a series of satellite workshops, for personalized and autonomous education.

Our small classes enables children to work hard at their own rythm.

Our award programs allows each pupil to complete his Kindergarten Programme with a level above the national average in all subjects, and to be well prepared for the primary school and the 'CP' section.


All these skills are studied and evaluated :

Nursery and first grade Kindergarten

  • Living with independence and living together

  • Bilingual vocabulary

  • Graphic design

  • pre maths ans scientific logic models

  • Sensory experience and easy going locomotion 

  • Artistic and musical approach

  • Body locomotion and expression

(MS/Reception)  et grande-section (GS/Year 1) :

  • Living with independence and together

  • bilingual vocabulary

  • Bilingual vocabulary

  • Reading ans French writing initiation

  • Maths: Singapour method

  • World discovery ( history and geography)

  • Technological and scientific approach

  • Music and arts

  • Body locomotion and expression

A smooth transition

Before 6, children are still learning every day routines and living together, they slowly

learn new learnings.

Our  specific accompaniment allows children to freely play games and move as to

integrate progressively rules of living together.

Everything has been thought as to respect one's rhythm : in the classroom, diapers are accepted and the teaching of being diaper free comes within the right time. Children also enjoy nature everyday.

Bilinguism 50% French, 50% English

We welcome children who are French or English beginners.

3 passionate professionals, qualified and with a strong experience, take care of the children : one French teacher, a care et an English teacher. For a complete linguistic immersion, each teacher builds its program and only speaks its native language.

They use comforting words and attitudes for the English and French children to live together and speak fluently rapidly.

For them to reach this aim, we also offer extra tuition.

A rich  and dynamic multi level system

Children often learn by imitating older ones. They adopt social codes and feel more at ease in a mixte small age group. Social science have already proved these last 40 years that a heterogeneous group is beneficial for children.

In our school, children access to their own knowledge without having to pass in September to the upper classe, doing curiosity-driven work.

Together, lets experience great adventures !

Together, we are going to experience great adventures and learn all main topics in a playful way ! It is by experimenting and by doing scientific manipulations that children start learning and this answers to all their questions : Why is it flowing ? How does it float ? How many  cones represent mum's age ? Who is older or younger than me ? How do I write my name ? And my friends'.....?

Important world topics are always a good inspiration to approach a concept :

Space, volcanoes, children of the world, family, world animals, Living beings' evolution, Earth, meteo, countries and different cultures, Food and cooking, ..

Sports and activities

The younger ones have every day several hours outside in our big wooded park to run, play (sand pit, mud kitchen and wooded park)

From reception, sports are offered each week by a PE teacher (baby gym, yoga, sport tracks and supportive games)

Music and singing

Children learn each week bilingual songs and have several musical workshops with percussions and songs.


At EIBA, we have chosen the learning by doing method rather than screens, apart from occasional documentaries or movie outings.

As we know, screens have heavy impacts on our brains and this is why we have chosen not to introduce screens too soon ans they are a omnipresent all our life.

Choosing the learning by doing method enables children to develop their curiosity, imagination, patience and perserverance/


Students evaluation

The progress of the students is evaluated every day in continuous assessment. At the end of each school period, you will be able to consult your child's work and we invite you to meet the teachers as well . Every end term you will have a success booklet relating your child's progression.

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