"The mission of our school is to create confident citizens , awake them to the world.

With a strong self-esteem, they will be able to use their talents and put them at the service of their personal growth and their community."

                       PUT NATURE


The benefits of Nature have been studied extensively, demonstrating that playing and learning daily in the forest allows children to have better cognitive functions, easier focus, more fertile creativity, and greater enjoyment of life.

This is why learners at the  international school  are often outside to listen, observe, learn, study, but also to run, play and relax.

The Arcachon Bay is a paradise for students, we have the ocean, beaches and forest.

They learn to recognize the plants, flowers, birds and insects that surround them, to cultivate the land in an eco-responsible way, from seed to harvest and also to develop their culinary skills.

Cooking is a great playground for learning mathematics!

To gently educate our learners about their social responsibility, we organize in partnership with local associations: A beach cleaning day, environmental awareness, protection of coastal birds.

                                   EDUCATION FOR PEACE

Peace education is an integral part of the international school curriculum, responding to children's need for justice and meaning about the purpose of life and their need for belonging to the great chain of humanity.

Every day, children learn to develop their emotional intelligence, their interpersonal skills with benevolent communication, their ability to discern and detach from conflict, negotiate for win-win solutions and affirm their own worth.

We consider recreation and transitions times as essential moments of sociability, during which children need support to learn to play and interact together in a respectful way. We offer them this firm and benevolent framework for a live-together without violence, a harmonious group life.

Peace education makes it possible to respond to the needs of meaning and interdependence of children by inscribing them in the great chain of humanity. It develops their openness to the world and their capacity for discernment.

Atelier d'intelligence émotionnelle avec les Kimochis.

Atelier de cuisine maternelle et primaire du vendredi


Children need emotional security to be able to unleash their potentials at school.

We are aware that children learn by exemplarity, so we work every day to embody it more in our empathic listening, in our words, our intonations of confident and rewarding voices, and in the firm and reassuring rules that we hold for the harmony of all.

Kindness is the source of every intention of the school team.

The discipline within our institution follows the Canadian method E.S.T.I.M.E, no punishment, exclusion or reward, but a positive reframing by the explanation and the responsibility of its acts.