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We respect the common core of knowledge and skills of the French 
Ministry of Education, but we adapt to each children's learning pace and this thanks to a personalized work plan and rich and various school materials.


We consider the foundation of national education as a basic foundation from which our teachers connect and from where they multiply the ramifications between  the concepts and the real world. Rather than traditional  subject learning, the children are exposed to  transversal experiments, and all complementary learning such as Arts, Engineering, Crafts ... are ways to give meaning to the knowledge and a strong motivation .

We also encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of children through projects that value  creation and know-how.




Over the past fifteen years, the educational sciences have reconsidered and improved pedagogies, with a more coherent and effective global approach.

The cognitive sciences have shown us that our brains need interdisciplinarity to learn a notion.
Beyond compartmentalization in a subject, it is through a concrete and realistic project in which the student feels involved that the concept is understood and integrated.

And it is by multiplying sources, methods, contexts and varying pleasures that the brain memorizes quickly and sustainably.
For example, we can approach the division by making teams a collective sport, learn fractions by sharing a delicious cake for the class, learn to read through his favorite comic book ... and revisit all that the next day in the forest by dividing, splitting and then writing the number of leaves it took to make a Land Art mandala.






In its palette of active pedagogies set on the rhythm of the child, the International School uses Montessori activities, as well as Reggio workshops to leave a large space for artistic and creative expression. But our personalized curriculum goes well beyond that.

It allows us to adapt to the different learning styles of each child, to help him nurture his talents and overcome his weaknesses.

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